A spur and a repentance

As I often find myself thinking about taking some steps to trust God for unthinkable things to be accomplished for my own life, for my family, and to the people I desire to have an impact with, I often find myself confronted with some doubts. What if it requires particular skills I don’t have? What if I cannot pass their GPA standards? What if I cannot conjure much faith for that thing to happen? And the list can go on.

Whether or not confidence is a defining component for success (which it is if we’ll based upon most leadership journals), but not to say the least, I often times find myself discouraged and faint-hearted. I usually stagger from the appearance of a smaller odds. Whether it’ll be the painstaking budgeting for the bills, or the earnest desire to get an immediate promotion, or perhaps the tedious reading and taking notes before some tyrannic deadlines, or a much worse to be noted  the reality of having to jump out from the bed and win over the temptation to sleep again in order start the day.

I may not live in a country that has been recognized as a first world one, but those above lists, of course, are hilarious in comparison to the problems most Christians face in the Middle East. To worry about reading and taking notes before a deadline would be a luxurious leisure in contrast to the anxiety of the people in Africa as they suffer and die from dehydration and AIDS.

And as I’m writing this piece, two indispensable thoughts are present in me. One is to remember how God was so faithful in the past that should shape the way I operate in the present and how should I think and anticipate my future. For this is how God persuades the Israelites. God always reminds them how He brought them out of slavery, gave them the manna, provided them a pillar of fire, and on and on for Israel to come into her right senses, and to trust and be right with God. Søren Kierkegaard even said: “Life must be understood backwards; but….it must be lived forward.” 

And the other one is to repent. To repent from my egotism and pray for other people’s needs [1].

[1] I take it a habit to pray for a nation a day. If you want to join with me, please visit the Operation World Prayer Calendar.