Peace and order, another utopian myth

Peace and order. Our society is hungry for that. Simply put it, we are living with great turmoil and confusion of where are we going, if not when are we going to find it. Whether a successful election will finally do it. A peaceful society where a girl to be nothing but safe even when she chooses to walk alone on her way home. A park where you can stay and spend your leisure without worrying about someone who’s going to rob from you, if not threatens to take your life if you do not comply. Peace and order. Yes. We all want that. Nobody wants the opposite. Nobody wants his rights to be stripped-off by a random bigot in the street. Not with our right minds.

This kind of society, though, was also the pursuit of a well known ancient philosopher. Plato wrote Republic in hopes to actualize his ideal society. A society where peace and order are to be observed. Of course, he didn’t call it literally by that two words from an overly used, if not abused phrase. He called it justice! That is, he was looking for a just society. A society where justice is to be found. A society where strife is a rarity, but harmony to be observed. Thus, his book became monumental. Not only it made its popularity in philosophy, but in politics as well. No wonder where we get the “Republic” as a word that precedes most our nations’ names.

Yes, politicians after politicians promise that kind of ideal society which Plato had in mind. Although varying in their forms, but share a common pursuit. That is, justice. Though the word itself has been used to refer various meanings in various needs, nevertheless, one its manifestations is the observance of peace and order. Although we may say it’s tautologous, but who cares? We got the point. We want it. We want it badly. In fact, we’re willing to cast our votes for the leaders we thought who can actualize it.

However, this pursuit of justice within our time is just another utopian myth. This cannot be realized no matter how much intelligent or skillful humanity, if not, the leaders are.

Why is that so? Because there’s missing piece! There’s an indispensable event that must precede first. That is, Jesus has not come back yet! And until that will happen, there will never be the realization of the kind of peace and order we wanted badly. Never, not the kind our politicians promise, nor what Plato guarantees if we follow his precepts in the Republic. 

This world has its own god! Yeah, the devil. To be exact, Satan. He is the god of the age as the apostle Paul warns the Corinthians in his letter (2 Cor. 4:4). And if we are not alert or sober-minded, we can be easily lured to his fascination. We can be devoured if we are not vigilant. His allurements might not be that visible if we are not aware. And one of his schemes is to make us believe that we can attain “a heaven on earth” in this word in this time. No, as Christians this earth is the closest place to hell (but to the unbeliever, it’s the opposite). Yes, we can strive for that justice. We can strive for that there peace and order. Yet we should not miss the point that we will never reach its ultimate. No. Not in this side of eternity,

However, there will be a day when that justice will be actualized. And on that day, the Prince of Peace will invoke justice rightly, for he is the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords, the ultimate leader whom we can truly rely – that even those who died who never found justice will find it!